Somebody Has To Step Up And Tell You The TRUTH!

Hello from Prestige Products Windows & Siding (PPIWS) owner Dustin Samuel.

I am taking time out to post this blog entry (and most others that follow) because I feel that if anyone comes here for pertinent info about replacement windows, sliding patio doors (or hinged doors), and/or premium insulated vinyl siding, soffit & fascia, then you should get REAL info from the REAL owner of a company, as opposed to the fake, canned, generic blog posts that so many companies post just to increase site content in an attempt to increase SEO rankings. Don’t get me wrong, SEO rankings are very important and all business owners should be maximizing their use of Google’s tools and tricks to maximize web traffic. But at what cost? Do I want web traffic thru maximized SEO? Absolutely yes. Do I also want to be genuine, honest, and give real and pertinent info to all visitors to my website even if it might impact my SEO rankings negatively? Again, absolutely yes. I believe I can accomplish both. (Get your Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, etc, ad nauseam windows & siding info here folks!)

So, if you peruse further down (in the past) in my company’s blog posts, you will see a few that seem a bit canned. That’s because they are. I hired a great company to help me re-design my company’s website and optimize my Google search (SEO) rankings. But like all website optimization companies, they use canned, generic blog posts to enhance what Google sees to try and improve SEO rankings. I don’t fault them one bit, but I did let them know that I would be taking control of the Blog page of my site and writing most of the blog posts myself from now on.

lI will use this section of my company’s website to give real, pertinent, helpful, and genuine info to homeowners who are trying to navigate the “brain damage” that accompanies buying replacement windows, patio doors, and insulated vinyl siding in Denver, Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, and beyond. I will also use this page to “pull back the curtain” and give insider info to homeowners who would not get real/raw info about the windows & siding home improvement industry otherwise. I feel it is my duty to inform potential customers about the tricks and gimmicks other (usually much larger) companies use to swindle and manipulate homeowners in the research and buying process. I hope you find this info helpful and I hope you come away with a greater understanding of this industry, whether you buy anything from my company or not.

There you have it. My first “real” blog post. Tune in regularly to see more real info. Thanks for reading.

Dustin Samuel, Owner, Prestige Products Windows & Siding


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