Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Prestige Products Windows & Siding And How Big Is The Company?

WE ARE CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR 31 GREAT YEARS! Dustin Samuel and his father Don Samuel are the owners and operators of this family-run business. The company consists of Don (founder), his son and co-owner, Dustin, and one office/service manager on staff. We have trusted and years-long relationships with all of our top-quality installers.

While we have successfully grown this business over the 30 years of our history, we have intentionally kept this from becoming a “mega home improvement company”. Very large home improvement companies lose control of quality because they cannot find enough good installers, plus you get lost in the shuffle of 40-80 new customers and new jobs a month. We sell and install a tiny fraction of that volume, so every client is highly valued and treated with exceptional care. We never sacrifice quality to pad profits, finish faster, or make it easier on us – not now, not ever.

How Long Has Prestige Products Windows & Siding Been In Business?

Don Samuel incorporated Prestige Products Inc in 1981 for various entrepreneurial ventures. In January 1993 he decided to make it solely a home improvement company, a business that would be completely dedicated to being the best value for homeowners in the Denver area. More than three decades later, it is still going strong, with son Dustin recently becoming majority owner. 2023 is our 30 year anniversary!

Where Is Prestige Products’ Office Or Showroom Located?

We have a small administrative office along with a small showroom in SE Denver. We have operated our business from this office location since Jan 1, 2019. Prior to that, Prestige Products operated our business from our home in southeast Denver that we have owned for 45+ years. We resisted having a formal showroom because that would increase overhead costs (and higher expenses mean higher prices, and we didn’t want to be that kind of company). However, in 2018 it became clear that our little family-run operation had truly grown to the size that could no longer be maintained from a home office. Our office and showroom address is 3600 S Beeler St, Denver CO 8027.

But even though we now have a showroom, our experience tells us that customers are more comfortable viewing products at their own home. We can more effectively demonstrate and explain our product lines by visiting a home. We always need to measure window openings and/or exterior wall areas for accurate quotes anyway, so it just makes sense to do it all there at the customer’s home. However, if you’d like to drop by and see us, you are more than welcome to do so.


I’d Like To Get A Quote, But I Hate Sitting Through High-Pressure, Super-Long Sales Presentations. Are You One Of Those Companies That Insists On Staying For Hours To Try And Get The Sale? Do You Use Price Gimmicks And High Pressure Tactics To Force A “One-Call Close”?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We respect and honor our prospective customers and we know that the stereotypical high-pressure salesman turns people off. We would much rather leave your home without a sale and know you think of us as genuine, honest, friendly people than demand you sign our contract and have you think of us (and worse, talk to your friends about us) as “the jerks who wouldn’t leave.” WE DO NOT USE PRICE GIMMICKS. Our first price is our best price and our ONLY price. Our super fair and competitive price is good indefinitely (we only raise prices when we get documented price increases on our wholesale cost of goods &/or labor). Do not believe any company that says they give “40% Off”, or “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”… those are totally fake discounts. They artificially inflate their prices in order to pretend to give massive discounts. What a joke (and still, homeowners continue to fall for it). We are an honest company that believes in integrity from start to finish. We give you our price, and then you as a smart consumer can make your own decision whether to hire us or not.

The last 30+ profitable years in this industry have proved to us that we can be a very successful company by being nice, respectful, honest, prompt (both in arriving and leaving) and professional. We give informative presentations that take 45-60 minutes (unless you have a lot of detailed questions) which includes the time it takes to measure all the windows for the price quote. We give you the information you need to make a wise, well-informed decision about your home improvement needs, and then we trust YOU, the homeowner, the boss, to make the right decision for your situation.

Do You Require Money Down To Start A Project?

NO*. From the very start, we decided to be a NO MONEY DOWN* company. The home improvement industry has a shady reputation among most homeowners. The #1 reason for this is contractors who take money up front, start the job, and then don’t finish or don’t give the customer what they promised. We’ve flipped that on its head by putting the accountability on us. It is much easier for people to understand that we actually keep our promises when we say “don’t give us a dime until you’re happy.”

We do not receive a penny until the job is finished and you, the customer, are completely satisfied*. We simply ask for payment in full upon job completion. We have found that this policy accomplishes two very important things: 1) It gives you, the homeowner, the highest level of comfort and control in the process, since you have NO risk up front, and; 2) It give us, the company, the highest level of motivation to keep our promises, so that we will get paid when we’re done.

If that sounds easy, it is. And if it sounds too good to be true, just ask any of our 2500+ customers and they’ll all tell you that it works just like this every single time.
* PPIWS does require a nominal deposit of 10% for contracts over $25,000 or any commercial/multi-unit projects.


Is Prestige Products (And All Of Your Installers) Licensed And Insured?

YES. The company carries $2 million of liability insurance and we carry standard Workman’s Comp. Every installer we work with also carries his own liability insurance (from $750k to $2 million depending on the installer). We have contractor’s licenses in Denver, Aurora, and all other cities in which we work. As a licensed contractor, we pull building permits when required by the city or county in which the job is located.

That a company be PROPERLY insured is very important. Some homeowners don’t realize that if a contractor they hire does not have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance, the liability for an injury on the property can fall to the homeowner. Protect yourself and always ask for proof of insurance.


Are You Aware Of The EPA Lead Paint Rule of 2010? What Is Your Stance?

YES, we are fully aware and fully compliant. FIRST OF ALL – if your home was built on 1/1/1978 or later, YOU ARE EXEMPT from any lead-based paint rules or laws. Since lead paint was outlawed/banned in the US from 1/1/1978 and thereafter, no home built in 1978 or later is required to be tested for lead, nor are homeowners or contractors required to use LSWP (Lead Safe Work Practices) on any home improvement work done to post-1977 homes.

That leaves about 50% of homes in the Denver metro area that were built BEFORE 1/1/1978 – this new legislation applies to YOU! In April of 2010, the EPA instituted a new rule (federal law) that changed how home improvement projects (that disturb 6 sq. ft. or more of painted surface) are to be completed on homes built before 1978. Since lead-based paint could theoretically exist in any home built before 1978, homeowners and contractors should either TEST FOR LEAD before beginning work, or they must PRESUME LEAD and proceed with LSWP (Lead Safe Work Practices).

PRESTIGE PRODUCTS TESTS FOR LEAD in many pre-1978 homes. We NEVER presume lead will be present (and neither should you). LSWP are way too expensive, time consuming, hassle-laden and invasive to simply assume lead is there and go through all the extensive extra work and hassle they mandate, especially since most homes built after 1950 have NO LEAD AT ALL. Our personal research and experience has proven that homes built between 1960 – 1978 are almost 100% guaranteed to have NO lead content, while homes built between 1940 -1960 have about a 25% chance of having lead, and homes built before 1940 have a much greater chance (50-75%) of a lead presence that would require LSWP to be employed.

The bottom line is this: we’ll make sure we do this safely and in compliance, but we won’t waste your time and money on lead-safe practices if no lead is present.

Have other questions that weren’t answered here? Give us a call and we’ll give you straightforward answers.

About Us

Honest & Dependable

Prestige Products Windows & Siding is far from your average home improvement company. We’re a detail-oriented team with a simple business philosophy: Deal with people fairly, provide exceptional value, and treat every homeowner the way we would want to be treated. When you partner with us, you won’t encounter any high-pressure sales tactics, fake discounts, or other gimmicks. Instead, you’ll receive the best-in-class products, top-notch installation, and comprehensive service that we’re known for providing. We want you to be thrilled with the results at your home in the Denver, Colorado, area, which is why you won’t have to pay a dime until we’ve finished your project and you’re completely satisfied with our work. In short, we do business the old-fashioned way—we’re honest and we keep our word.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hear From Our Customers

We’re proud of the work that we do, and our customer reviews speak to the kind of quality you can expect when you partner with us.

overall was a great value

“I had Prestige replace 7 windows in my 113 year old bungalow in Northwest Denver, and I'm glad I went with them. The price wasn't the lowest quote I got, but it was still significantly cheaper than some of the big names in the window business, and overall was a great value. Dustin is a great, no-pressure sales guy, James is a fantastic installer (even providing some alternative trim options to maintain the historic look of my house), and Bobby is a great field support guy. There were some minor issues with one of the windows, and they did a great job resolving it. I will absolutely use them again in the future.”

Tom K.

I simply can’t say enough!

“I simply can’t say enough about Prestige Window and Siding. Despite the many setbacks with the weather, their team worked diligently to get the siding done. Mark is a true artisan and did a wonderful job, making sure to address every issue with my husband and me. I am thrilled with the results. It’s like a brand new home. I would HIGHLY recommend Prestige Windows and Siding to anyone who wants the job done with honesty and integrity. They are hands down, the best!! Thank you Don and Mark.”

Danielle N.

They went the extra mile

“We had some weird shaped windows - trapezoid and just old in general. They came did a great demonstration and explanation on window. They were straight forward. The timing they said, was what was met. When there was an issue (because we had super old windows) they addressed it right away and let us know it would take extra time. They went the extra mile to make sure we were satisfied with service. Overall, fantastic customer service and top quality. It was fairly priced too, we had about 5 different quotes from around the area. #customerserviceonpoint #windowsanddoors #beautifuljob”

Bridgette A