3 Signs Your Siding Needs Replacement

The siding of your home is an important part of its overall look and appeal. With unique and attractive siding, you can improve your curb appeal exponentially, but with lackluster siding, your home can look dowdy. To be clear, though, exterior siding in Denver is important for reasons beyond the aesthetic. It is also the barrier that protects your home from damage. If you suspect yours is in need of maintenance, check out these three signs that it may actually need to be replaced.

You Bills Are Going Up

Damaged siding is synonymous with poor insulation, so if you notice that your energy bills are inexplicably on the rise, deteriorating siding may be to blame. As siding begins to break down, the barrier between your home and the elements breaks down, too. Drafts can get in and your heater will work overtime to try and keep the space warm as heat escapes.

It Is Visibly Damaged

One of the easiest ways to diagnose exterior siding in Denver that is in need of replacement is looking at it. If you see that it is cracked, loose, warped or rotting, it’s definitely time to invest in some new siding. In addition to higher energy bills, these problems can contribute to damage to the rest of your home, too. It is essential to remove clearly damaged siding as soon as possible and replace it with new materials.

Paint or Wallpaper Are Peeling on the Interior

In addition to evidence on the outside of your home, there will often be evidence on the interior that your exterior siding in Denver needs to be replaced. Specifically, if you happen to notice paint or wallpaper that seem loose or as though they are peeling, these are signs that your siding is failing. Moisture accumulation is the most common cause of this and should be addressed immediately.

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