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Soffit & Fascia Are Crucial For The
Health Of Your Roof

If You Have Or Even Suspect A Problem, Don’t Wait. Call The Colorado Experts On Soffit & Fascia Replacement

Soffit & Fascia


Soffit is the section of your roof that overhangs the side of your house - it is the exposed underside. The best way to understand where it is this: Stand right up against your home and look straight up. The part of the roof you can see is the soffit.

Soffit is important because it helps ventilate your attic and allows for air circulation, which functions to help get heat and moisture out of your home. Without proper ventilation, rot can take hold in your attic and create big problems.

If you have an issue with your soffit, you need to turn to a proven Colorado home improvement company. Prestige Products is exactly that kind of company. In fact, we are so committed to quality solutions that we don’t accept a dime from our customers until the job is done. We’re accountable to you.

If you’re not sure if you have a problem with your soffit, or you’re not sure what the best way to solve a soffit issue, we can come out and consult with you for free. We’ll also give you a free quote.


Fascia is the finishing edge of your roof (basically the same area where the gutters are attached to your roof). Fascia is important because it provides protection at a place on your roof this is especially vulnerable to damage from the elements.

It is also is key because of how it makes your roof look. Properly installed, it creates a nice smooth roof line that creates a clean look.

If you have fascia problem, or think you might, calling us is a risk-free choice. We’ll give you a free consultation and quote. And if you do decide to move forward, we don’t ask for any money until the job is complete.

Call Prestige Products about soffit and fascia replacement - we’re the Denver area experts. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.