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Homeowners Love Their Experience With Us…
And You Can Talk Directly To Them About It.

We’re Happy To Give You References.


We are NOT a high-pressure sales company. We never have believed in doing business that way.

However, there is one team of salespeople that is pretty successful at “selling” Prestige Products. We call them our past customers!

We’re always happy to give you references for any project you do, because hearing what it’s really like to work with us is important. It is a way for you to talk directly to someone with firsthand knowledge of us. No filters, no hype.

When you contact our references, ask about anything related to the project: the service, the results, the quality of the installers, or anything else you have concerns about.

If you’re unsure what to ask, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Call us to get started and be sure to request references during your consultation.