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We’re Very Grateful For Referrals…

And We Show It With A $200 Reward.

Referral Program

We love referrals. Of course, it is a great way to grow a business, but it means more than that, too.

A referral is the ultimate compliment for a business because no one wants to recommend a bad experience to friends, neighbors and family. This is why we are particularly proud of the percentage of our business that comes from referred and repeat business: anywhere from 40% to 60% in a given year is typical for us.

Our $200 Referral Fee

We pay a $200 referral fee* to anyone who gives us the name and phone number of a friend, family member, neighbor, business associate, etc., and that person turns into a sale for us. We have had some of our customers receive 3, 4, even 5 $200.00* checks in a year's time just by passing on names of friends, family and neighbors who buy windows and/or siding from us. (You don't even have to be our customer - just give us a name and number and you will be paid if they buy!)

Our Referral Programs – The Details

#1 - THE BASIC - Call us or email us with names and numbers of friends, family members, neighbors, business associates and we'll call them to set an appointment to show them our products and give a free price quote. Any of those referrals that turn into sales will net you up to $200.00* for simply passing on the interested party's information.

#2 - WINDOW/SIDING OPEN HOUSE - We'll join you in opening your home for 3 or 4 hours on a Saturday. Your neighbors can come by and see the work you had done by Prestige Products first hand. We'll also bring our "Showroom On Wheels" trailer and park it in front of your house to give your interested neighbors more information on other types of projects.

If you agree to host, we handle the event for you. We pass out flyers promoting the event a week or so beforehand and have information available the day of the event to encourage your neighbors to do windows or siding with us. We provide refreshments for the visitors and a gift certificate to a local restaurant for you whether we gain any new business or not. (And if 3 of your neighbors get work done by us, you get up to a $600.00 referral fee*... pretty cool, huh?)

#3 - BACKYARD BBQ - You provide the guest list and the backyard and that's it. Prestige Products provides the food (pizza or simple BBQ plates - feeds up to a maximum of 20 people), soft drinks and door prizes. After a short presentation about our window and/or siding products, and getting the information from those who are interested, we feed your friends and neighbors and then get out of the way.

You have the rest of the day to have fun with those you've invited. We DO NOT sell anything at the BBQ - we just show the products and take the names of those who want a free quote at their home at a later time. Then, you get up to $200.00* for every sale we make as a result of your BBQ/pizza party.

As you can see, it makes sense to tell your friends, family and neighbors about the work you had done with Prestige Products. In addition to letting those around you know about a great company that does an excellent job and gives homeowners outstanding value for their home improvement dollar, you can also earn a nifty paycheck in the process - a "thank you" from us. And even if you haven't had us do work for you, telling your friend about us or telling us about them could net you some cash. GIVE IT A SHOT!

Some Important Notes About Our Referral Rewards:

*Standard referral fee is $200.00. Standard fee paid for jobs of 6 windows or more, or full siding job.

For smaller jobs (3-5 windows or partial siding jobs), a referral fee of $100.00 is paid.

For very small jobs (1-2 windows, gutters only, garage door, etc.), we give a $25-$50 gift certificate.

Referral fee is paid to the referring party after PPI has collected full payment on the referred project.