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Meet The Best Installers In The Denver Area

True Professionals Who Care About Getting Every Detail Right

Installation Team

Replacement Windows

Jonathan Sweangen

Our Replacement Window Installer Is James Bowers.

James has worked for us as our primary window installer since 1996 (that's 20+ years!). You don't keep an installer around for that long if he's not doing a fantastic job for you every single day. And of course we treat him well, too – skills like his don’t stick around if you don’t!

His level of experience in nothing short of amazing: he has installed more than 30,000 windows on over 1,200 homes for Prestige Products. His crew (Himself and his brother) gets compliment after compliment for their excellent workmanship, careful consideration of each customers’ home and belongings, and conscientious clean-up after the job is done.

James is featured in our self-made "Replacement Window Installation" video explaining the window installation process from start to finish. The video is available to any customer who wants more details about replacement windows.

Jonathan and Ryan

Insulated Vinyl Siding

We have 3 terrific vinyl siding installers: Mark Maliske, Randy Bolton & Mike Boulier.

Mark MaliskeMark Maliske has been installing insulated vinyl siding for Prestige Products customers since 2002, and has over 20 years’ experience in the siding industry. Mark’s work ethic is fantastic and he receives high praise from customers because of his attention to detail, his excellent craftsmanship, and his superb finish work and clean-up. Mark gets jobs done on time and always strives to exceed each homeowner's expectations. Just like all our installers, Mark has an enclosed trailer to haul and store the materials for your job.

Randy Bolton has been installing insulated vinyl siding for Prestige Products since 1999, and has over 25 years’ experience in siding installation. Randy (along with co-installer Ty) does consistently outstanding work for each and every customer. He isn’t flashy; he’s a hard working guy who quietly goes about the business of turning your home into a showpiece. Randy's work ethic is unparalleled (by the time you get up in the morning, he's probably already at work on your job). He receives great comments from customers, noting his superior craftsmanship, his clean and efficient method of siding a house, and his great finish work and clean-up.

Mike Boulier has installed siding for Prestige Products customers since 1997, and has over 35 years’ experience in the vinyl siding industry. Although specializing in vinyl siding installation, Mike also does a great job installing replacement windows and aluminum seamless gutters. He installs windows for us on larger combination jobs where a homeowner is getting siding and windows replaced at the same time. Mike gets high praise from every homeowner he works for. Our customers say his workmanship is second-to-none, his cleanliness and organization on the jobsite is outstanding, and his friendly and humorous personality makes the whole process smooth, easy, and fun. Mike’s attention to detail is superb from set-up all the way through clean-up of your yard and surrounding area.

Gutters & Garage Doors

We also have outstanding professionals to install gutter and garage door jobs in the Denver-metro market.

Dirk Melby (of Summit Gutters) installs aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts for most of our customers. (One of our siding team members is also a gutter expert and handles some of the jobs). Summit Gutters has been in the industry for 10+ years and has worked for Prestige Products since 2010. We love the feedback we get from customers about the superior installations of Summit Gutters.

Mike LeBlancMike LeBlanc takes care of installing all of the insulated steel garage doors. We sell many of these to customers who want the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful siding job. Mike has many years’ experience installing doors and he runs a very successful business. He has handled our garage door work since 2009. We are grateful to have found an outstanding installer for garage doors who is remarkably skilled at his craft.