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Our Philosophy Is Simple:

Treat Every Homeowner How We Would Want To Be Treated.

Our Philosophy

It’s hard for us to understand, but some companies make simple things way too complicated. Running a successful home improvement takes a lot of ‘sweat equity,’ but the philosophy behind it is not complicated:

Treat customers exactly how you would want to be treated if you were having work done on your home. Do that and everything else falls into place.

Another way to say this is: every time there is a choice, pick the right way for your customers:

These might not seem like they shouldn’t be hard decisions, but you’d be surprised by what we’ve seen over 2+ decades in business! Let’s just say not everyone shares our philosophy.

One other thing to know about us. Even though we always choose quality, we are still able to keep prices very reasonable.

We do this by being very careful about overhead costs. Since we work from our home office in southeast Denver, we have no retail space rent to pay, no sales force to support, no phone soliciting room to invest in month after month, and no gimmicks to coerce prospects to make decisions.

If anyone wants to know our "gimmick," it’s great prices on best-in-class products with excellent installation and comprehensive service on every job. Our sales team of owners (Don-father, and Dustin-son) is motivated not by sales contests or quotas, but by building the family business into a legacy to the father and a blessing to the son.

We do business the old fashioned way - we're honest and we keep our word. Give us a call and we’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote.